About Us

Joan McKay

Joan McKay is the Creative Director, principal, and co-founder of Marquis Media Group. A firm that helps companies in Corporate, Wedding, Bar/Bat Mitzvah, and Special Events design their future.

Marquis uses the fusion of systems thinking and creativity to inspire their brands to go through the transformation that will lead them to greatness. Joan is responsible for pushing the originality and creativity of Marquis’ teams and work. She sets the overall creative vision for our group and leads her team designers to conceptualize and then bring to life the vision and ideas—be it through print or digital experiences.

Prior to forming Marquis, Joan was a customer relations representative and sales associate for EMG Publications and Custom Promotions. She has been an active voice in the event industry helping businesses find their customers, exploring the power of the written word, and celebrating the ways smart visual solutions can make people get noticed.



George Whitehouse

George Whitehouse is the co-founder of Marquis Media Group. His forte has been providing business leadership in the event industry more than 30 years of experience . With a mind that never stops thinking about the creative process, he is always open to exploring new mediums and possibilities. His team player approach ensures success on all levels.

As a professional personality George has also led the development in agency organization and systems simplicity. Many times this personality is recognized nationally as a top ten entertainer in Las Vegas and Atlantic City. Industry colleagues have requested his opinion as a national competition judge. George believes that the most effective method of creating positive change in the world is to clearly communicate the ideas that can make a difference: Clarity creates efficacy.



Kelsey Camarato

Kelsey Camarato is our senior designer, entrepreneur and mother of one. Her work is guided by the belief that meaningful innovation requires a deep understanding of the people who will use what she creates and the changing world where she oversees the design, new media, and marketing. Kelsey’s team will bring new ideas to market and work with the event industry to design experiences and improve outcomes.